Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 2-3

Day 2
I realized I wasn't very detailed about what happened on Day 2 but that was most likely due to losing steam once I got to that part. It's amazing how crappy my writing gets the later in the day it gets. Also, Peter is in Sweden, which makes me 100 times more tired because I have to clean up after myself. Being grown up sucks. Ok, so yesterday was very good. She slept from 8:30 to 9:30. That was a bit longer than it should have been considering the tight schedule Ford recommends, but again, I'm adapting the schedule and because I needed to take Julian to daycare, it worked out well for me. I can't deal with her screaming in the car so a nice peaceful baby made for a nice daycare drop off, which is sometimes a little stressful anyway. The afternoon nap was from 11:30 - 2. I actually had to wake her up at 2. The difficult part I always have is keeping her awake from 2 - 4:00 because she eats just fine but she won't stay still in her bouncer or on the boppy pillow so I have to carry her on the Bjorn, which puts her to sleep. So, it's basically 2 hours of Bjorn, set her down, wait until she wakes up enough to cry, pick her back up, put her in Bjorn, repeat. By the time it is 4, she is basically passed out. She slept from 4-4:45 and again I had to wake her. I picked Julian up from daycare even though she was awake the whole time (but not crying) and as soon as I got her home, we began our evening routine. It takes a good hour, hour and a half to get her down for her 7:30 sleep. But I lucked out again. She slept from 7:30 - 10:30, when I woke her to feed and then put her right back down. I know I should get too excited or arrogant, but holy crap, this actually works! Yes, it won't work all the time and there are days when it will be a total disaster, but the last few days have been great. Even something resembling structure and order has made my life so much better.

Day 3
Just a quick update. She slept from 8:45 - 9:30. It was a real struggle to get her to stay awake to 9 but she slept really well and I had to wake her up again. The lunch nap was more difficult. She managed to stay in her room and sleep for the most part, but after I put her down at 12, she woke up briefly and needed to be rocked back to sleep twice. She woke up on her own at 2:30. Now she's awake, bright eyed and fed. She's just sitting on her Boppy pillow for a little while. Maybe I'll take her to the store so she stays awake until 4:00. Or...maybe not. Today is a super lazy day for me.

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